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Chapter 1: Whole Numbers
1.1 Place Value   1.0a - Introduction
  1.1a - Number Systems and Place Value
  1.1b - The Notes
  1.1c - Expanded Form
  1.1d - The Place Values
  1.1e - Writing Numbers with Words
  1.1f - Writing a Check
  1.1g - Examples
1.2 Adding Whole Numbers   1.2a - Adding Things of Like Kind
  1.2b - Adding Numbers
  1.2c - Properties of Numbers
  1.2d - Adding Numbers with Multiple Digits
  1.2e - Words that Indicate Addition
  1.2f - The Perimeter of a Figure
  1.2g - Perimeter of a Rectangle
  1.2h - Adding on a Calculator
1.3 Subtracting Whole Numbers   1.3a - Subtracting
  1.3b - Words that Indicate Subtraction
  1.3c - Borrowing
  1.3d - Applications
1.4 Rounding and Estimating   1.4a - Rounding
  1.4b - Rules for Rounding
  1.4c - Rounding up a 9
  1.4d - Estimating
  1.4e - A Bad Example
  1.4f - A Good Example
  1.4g - Ordering Numbers
1.5 Multiplying Whole Numbers   1.5a - Multiplying Whole Numbers
  1.5b - Multiplying with the Distributive Property
  1.5c - Multiplication by One or Zero
  1.5d - Multiplying with Units
  1.5e - Multiplying with Two or More Digits
  1.5f - Speeding up the Process
  1.5g - Application
  1.5h - Multiplying with the number 10
1.6 Division   1.6a - Division
  1.6b - Division
  1.6c - Dividing and leaving a remainder
  1.6d - Division and Zero
  1.6e - Long Division
  1.6f - Two digit divisors
  1.6g - Division with Estimation and Rounding
  1.6h - Division on a Calculator
1.7 Exponents and Order of Operations   1.7a - Exponents
  1.7b - Powers of 0 and 1
  1.7c - Powers of Ten
  1.7d - Order of Operations
  1.7e - Order of Operations with Exponents
  1.7f - Parentheses
  1.7g - Examples
  1.7h - Order of Operations on a Calculator
1.8 Introduction to Equations   1.8a - An Introduction to Equations
  1.8b - Translating Sentences into Equations
Chapter 2: Integers and Introductory Algebra
2.1 Integers   2.01a - Integers
  2.01b - Integers and the Number Line
  2.01c - Ordering of Numbers
  2.01d - Opposites and Absolute Value
  2.01e - Notation and Examples
  2.01f - Examples
2.2 Adding Integers   2.02a - Adding Integers
  2.02b - Adding Numbers with Different Signs
  2.02c - The Additive Inverse Property
  2.02d - Application
2.3 Subtracting Integers   2.03a - Subtracting Integers
  2.03b - Application
  2.03c - Subtraction on a Calculator
2.4 Multiplying Integers   2.04a - Multiplying Integers
  2.04b - Negative Numbers Raised to a Power
  2.04c - Examples
  2.04d - Practice
  2.04e - Practice
2.5 Dividing Integers   2.05a - Dividing Integers
  2.05b - Dividing on a Calculator
  2.05c - Order of Operations
  2.05d - Examples
  2.06a - Variables and Expressions
  2.06b - Subtraction
  2.06c - Multiplication
  2.06d - Parentheses
  2.06e - Division
  2.06f - Common Geometric Expressions
2.7 Evaluating Expressions   2.07a - Evaluating Expressions
  2.07b - Evaluating Expressions
  2.07c - Order of Operations
  2.07d - Fractions
  2.07e - Using a Calculator.
  2.07f - Squares and Negatives
  2.07g - Squares and Negatives
  2.07h - Sigma Notation
2.8 Simplifying Expressions   2.08a - Simplifying Expressions
  2.08b - Examples
  2.08c - Coefficients
  2.08d - Like Terms
  2.08e - Combining Like Terms
  2.08f - Examples
  2.08g - Only Like Terms are Comnined
  2.08h - Examples
  2.08i - Examples
  2 08j - Examples
2.9 Linear Equations   2.09a - Introduction to Equations
  2.09b - Verifying Solutions
  2.09c - Equations with More than One Solution
2.1 The Addition Property of Equality   2.10a - The Addition Property of Equality
  2.10b - Isolating the Variable
  2.10c - Examples
  2.10d - Examples with Multiple Steps
  2.10e - Example
  2.10f - Example
  2.10g - Examples involving Distributing
  2.10h - Distributing a Negative Sign
  2.10i - Examples
Chapter 5: Decimals
5.5 Fractions and Decimals   5.5a - Converting Fractions into Decimals
  5.5c - Repeating Decimals
  5.5d - Converting Mixed Numbers to Decimals
  5.5e - Converting a Decimal into a Fraction
5.6 Solving Equations with Decimals   5.6a - Solving Equations that Contain Decimals
  5.6b - Decimal Equation Example (1)
  5.6c - Decimal Equation Example (2)
5.7 Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem   5.7d - Intro to The Pythagorean Theorem
  5.7e - Pythagorean Theorem Examples
Chapter 7: Percents
7.1 Percents, Decimals, and Fractions   7.1a - Percentage Problems, Part 1
  7.1b - Changing Percents into Fractions
  7.1c - Converting Percents and Decimals
  7.1d - Changing a Fraction into a Percent
7.2 Solving Percent Problems   7.2a - Solving Percent Problems - An Introduction
  7.2b - How to Solve a Percent Problem
7.3 Solving Percent Applications   7.3a - Solving Percent Applications
  7.3b - Examples of Percentages in Calculations
  7.3c - Real World Percentage Examples
7.4 Simple and Compound Interest   7.4a - Simple Interest
  7.4b - Compound Interest
7.5 Real World Percentage Problems   7.5a - Percentage Problems, Part 1
  7.5b - Percentage Problems (2)
Chapter 9: Graphing and Statistics
9.1 Circle Graphs   9.1c - Creating a Circle Graph
  9.2a - Bar Graphs
9.2 Bar Graphs and Line Graphs   9.2b - Bar Graphs, Part 2
  9.2c - Line Graphs
9.3 The Rectangular Coordinate System   9.3a - The Rectangular Coordinate System
  9.3b - Coordinates in Two Dimensions
  9.3c - Plotting Points in Two Dimensions
9.4 Linear Equations in Two Variables   9.4a - Equations with Two Variables
  9.4b - Ordered Pair Solutions to Equations
  9.4c - Graphing Linear Equations, Part 1
  9.4d - Graphing Linear Equations, Part 2
  9.4e - Horizontal and Vertical Lines
9.5 Introduction to Statistics   9.5a - Introduction to Statistics - Mean
  9.5b - Introduction to Statistics - Median and Mode
Chapter 10: Polynomials
10.1 Introduction to Polynomials   10.1a - Introduction to Polynomials
  10.1b - Evaluating Polynomials
10.2 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials   10.2a - Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
  10.2b - Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
10.3 Multiplying Exponents   10.3a - Multiplying Exponents
  10.3b - Raising an Exponent to a Power
  10.3c - Raising a Product to a Power
10.4 Multiplying Monomials and Polynomials   10.4a - Multiplying Monomials
  10.4b - Multiplying a Monomial and a Polynomial
  10.4c - Multiplying Binomials
  10.4d - Multiplying Binomials FOIL Method
  10.4e - Multiplying Binomials
10.5 Factoring Polynomials   10.5a - Factoring Polynomials
  10.5b - Factoring Polynomials
  10.5c - Factoring Polynomials

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